Members’ Survey


How are we doing?


Please respond now – your insight and comments are vital.


Deadline  –  5.00pm Monday 17th July 2023


We continually review our activities, and our calendar and variety of events, to ensure that Members and Associates derive maximum benefit from SPAA membership.


An essential part of the process is keeping up to date with Member and Associate views. So, we’re asking for your help in giving us some vital feedback on how you perceive the Association and what we could improve on.


Please take a few minutes to complete this online survey.

We really value your feedback and are committed to ensuring our activities and events are informative, collaborative and ever-evolving.


To complete the survey – simply click above and leave us your feedback regarding SPAA activities and events. It will be anonymous, confidential and invaluable in our future planning!




In rating your level of satisfaction with the SPAA events covered in the survey, please note that ‘1’ is highest + ‘5’ is lowest:


1 – Outstanding

2 – Very satisfactory

3 – Satisfactory

4 – Unsatisfactory

5 – Poor


Please also note that each of the ‘feedback’ boxes requires an entry – if you have no comment, please enter ‘n/a’ in the box