Securing Your Social Media

online hacker

Social Media Account compromise is an area that has seen a rapid growth of criminal activity and consequent requests for assistance from legitimate account holders being denied access to their own accounts.

You can access below, a Guidance Note about securing Social Media Accounts created and published by PROFiT – Prevention of Fraud in Trade. (The guidance has been provided to the SPAA by colleague Member – Hays Travel, to whom we are grateful for the cooperation).

This document is suitable for all micro, small, and medium-sized organisations, and it offers advice on:


  • Social Media Security, The Basics                         
  • The Harm Caused By A Compromised Account
  • How To Secure Your Social Media Account
  • Signs That Your Account Might Have Been Hacked
  • Steps To Take To Regain Your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tik Tok Account, LinkedIn, and general help and information


The Guidance sets out, in simple-to-understand language, the problems, what to do to reduce the risk (including free-to-use sources of support) and gives details of support available.

Click here to download the Guidance Note.